Vocabulary Around The House

OK now I wanna tell u about things you may find around the house... ok now let's go! ^^

Vocabulary around the house is an situation when we use english for everday in our hole life and we spelled the grammar well. 
Things you may find around the house :


Have you ever offer something to other people? now we will talking about offering, Declining an offering, Accepting an offering.

Offering may refer to:
  • Offering, a collection of donations during religious worship, see alms, tithe or charity
  • Offering, a religious sacrifice of plant, animal or human life
  • Offering (Buddhism), a part of devotional practice
  • Securities offering, a discrete round of investment, usually regulated in the United States by the Securities Act of 1933

Preposition In, On and At

 Sekarang  kita belajar untuk menggunakan in, on, dan at...

Preposition In, On and At

We use :
  • at for a PRECISE TIME
  • on for DAYS and DATES

Asking if Someone Remembers or Not

Sekarang kita bakal membahas tentang Asking if Someone Remembers or Not...
  1.  Formal expressions:
            - I wonder if you remember.....
            - You remember...., don’t you?
            - You haven’t forgotten...., have you?
            - Don’t you remember.....?
            - Do you happen to remember it now?

Invitation ( written )

ok... semester satu udah belajar tentang invitation. sekarang kita akan belajar lagi tentang invitation tapi yang

Invitation is a way to invite someone or more to go to a place or to do something.


okokok... sekarang waktunya buat ngebahas asking for information....
Asking Information There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are some of the most common:

Inroductory "It"

Nah... sekarang aku mau posting tentang introductory it... waktu itu teman aku persentasi tentang ini sendirian... kasihan dia....

We begin a sentence with it when the real subject is an infinitive phrase. So instead of saying, ‘To accept your advice is difficult’, we say, ‘It is difficult to accept your advice’.

simple future

close your eyes and lean on me
when you feel afraid
when you lose your way

close your eyes and lean on me
my love
I'll be there just for you

emmmm.... When i sing this song i remember about simple future...

Finite Verb

Actually... I don't understand about it. But... my friend tell me the difference between Finite Verb and Non-Finite Verbs

Finite Verb
A finite verb is a verb that is inflected for person and for tenses according to the ruler and categories of languages in which it occurs.
· Finite verb can form “Indenpendent Clause” which constand by their own as complete sentences
· An Independent clause is a complete sentences it contain the main subject and verb of asentences